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Schweizerischer Koordinationsausschuss für Biotechnologie
Swiss Coordination Commitee for Biotechnology (SCCB)
Comité de coordination suisse de biotechnologie (CCSB)


BIOTRANS2015 26-30 August 2015 Vienna, Austria The 12th Biotrans Conference will be held on August 26 – 30, 2015, at Vienna University of Technology. This series of meetings has been initiated in 1993 in Graz, a city in the South of Austria, and since then developed to a true European event organized every two years, which is now returning to Austria. The 12th Biotrans covers all aspects of biocatalysis with special focus on enzyme mediated cascade reactions, enzyme discovery, bioinformatics, systems bio(techno)logy, protein engineering by directed evolution and/or rational design, enzyme immobilisation, process development and scale-up as well as manufacturing of chemical products using biocatalysis.


European Symposium on Biopolymers - ESBP2013 in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 7-9 of October, 2013 ESBP is the most important European conference on biopolymers, an area where the significant R&D investment made in recent years is leading to significant advances in new products and applications, contributing substantially towards the sustainability of the polymer industry. This event, supported by the European Federation of Biotechnology, will bring together scientists, researchers and national and international industrial professionals to present and discuss the most recent advances in the area of biopolymers, as well as the main challenges and opportunities on-going within the industry.

2nd Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe

2nd Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe 25-27 November 2013 The first successfull meeting revealed that there are no rigid lines of division between synthetic biology, metabolic engineering and systems biology, all of which are relevant at the frontiers of bioprocessing, biochemical engineering, medical biotechnology and the biopharmaceutical industries. The second meeting will cover all aspects including plant synthetic biology, but inevitably with a strong emphasis on microbial synthetic biology. The deadline for abstract submission is 11 october 2013.


7-10 April 2014 Madrid, Spain The 3rd Multistep Enzyme Catalyzed Processes Congress (MECP14) that will be held during 7-10 April 2014, in Madrid, Spain. MECP14 will be hosted by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) under the auspices of ESAB and of the Spanish Society of Biotechnology (SEBiot). This conference aims to cover the broad field of multienzyme systems from the “simplest”’ system in which one or a few isolated enzymes are used alone or in combination with non-enzyme-catalyzed steps, to the most “complex” system in which artificial pathways are created or even whole cells are modified to be used as synthetic. The first MECP edition was held in 2006 in Graz and was organized jointly by the Applied Biocatalysis Research Centre at Graz and the European Federation of Biotechnology Section of Applied Biocatalysis (ESAB). It was necessary wait until 2012 for the second edition that was also held in Graz. This 3rd edition is intended to be the one that consolidates this conference as a biannual meeting.


10th International Conference on Protein Stabilisation 7-9 May 2014 Stresa (Lake Maggiore) Conference Topics: Folding, stability and aggregation , Bioinformatics, Advanced methods of analysis, Methods to improve stability and solubility, Supports and reaction media, Stability towards industrial application


16th European Congress on Biotechnology (ECB16) 13-16 July 2014 Edinburgh, Scotland The European Congress on Biotechnology is the leading conference for academic and industrial biotechnologists in Europe organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology. The 16th bi-annual event will take place in the beautiful and historic city of Edinburgh, Scotland. The scientific programme is being designed to cover a multitude of sections of biotechnology, including environmental and green biotechnology, microbial physiology, microbial synthetic and systems biology, applied biocatalysis, including industrial systems and synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology, biochemical engineering and medical biotechnology.


7th International Congress on Biocatalysis Hamburg University of Technology August 31 - September 4, 2014


10th International Congress on Extremophiles 7-11 September 2014 Saint Petersburg, Russia The Program of Extremophiles’2014 will include the lectures of the most distinguished scientists working in the field of diversity, metabolism, genetics, biopolymers and biotechnology of extremophilic prokaryotes.
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