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Schweizerischer Koordinationsausschuss für Biotechnologie
Swiss Coordination Commitee for Biotechnology (SCCB)
Comité de coordination suisse de biotechnologie (CCSB)

Mission statement

Swiss Coordination Committee for Biotechnology SCCB
Schweizerischer Koordinationsausschuss für Biotechnologie SKB

The Swiss Coordination Committee for Biotechnology (SCCB) serves as an umbrella for leading biotechnology organizations in Switzerland. It encourages the development of a sustainable biotechnology sector in the country. For this purpose the SCCB initiates and coordinates the following activities in research, public relations and networking:

(1) monitors research and development on a national and international level and provides recommendations to academia, government agencies and industry. By doing so, the SCCB contributes to setting the scientific agenda in biotechnology.

(2) communicates, on a national and international level, the benefits of biotechnology for society and thereby strengthens the science-based public perception of biotechnology.

(3) promotes contacts and fosters common interests with partner organisations both nationally and internationally.


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